Programmer - CEO

Lucas A.

Programming and designing have been my passion for 12 years. When I founded Myproject back in 2007, I established a clear goal: using all my knowledge to craft new projects. There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing a company grow thanks to my team’s hard work.

Translator - Content writer

Florencia M.

Since I am part of Myproject, I have placed all my energy in using my skills to help our clients. My work is to help your company cross cultural and continental bridges.


Nicolás M.

The image of a company is essential for its development. My job is to make our client’s projects visually-striking through high-quality pictures and videos that are aligned with a modern and well-crafted web-site.



At Myproject, we make sure that your website or application is in line with your company’s objectives. We provide comprehensive solutions to give your business a sense of unity. We not only create websites and apps, we are also in charge of crafting a brand image that tailors your needs and gives your company identity so it can be set apart from that of your competitors. Placing all our bets in your growth is our mission.

Our work is not only visually-striking, it is also crafted for positioning your company and help you attract a higher number of clients. Myproject takes care of the whole thing: logos, design, programming and positioning in social networks and search engines. We have all the tools you need to be placed among the best companies of your sector.